What is an EPP code or Authorisation Key?

An EPP code or Authorisation Key is a secret code which proves that you have the authority to transfer the registration of a domain name.

The EPP code or Authorisation Key is one of the safeguards against unauthorised transfers of domain name registrations as it protects your rights as a domain owner. (EPP stands for Extensible Provisioning Protocol.)

This code is provided by your current registrar and you must contact them to obtain the EPP code or Authorisation Key to enable you to request the transfer of a domain name.

Your new registrar will require that you provide this authorisation to complete a domain registration transfer on your behalf.

The EPP code or Authorisation Key will be sent to the current registrant or administrative contact for the domain name, so you must verify that these are correct, current and valid before you make your request.

Note: Some domains such as .co.uk and .eu do not need EPP codes or Authorisation Keys to complete a domain registration transfer. Please check with your current registrar whether they will be needed for the transfer of your domain name.

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