What is Website Builder?

Website Builder is a quick and easy way to build a website with no technical knowledge in just minutes.

Website Builder is provided FREE of charge to all of our Pay Monthly Hosting customers, whereas other service providers, such as Weebly, charge up to £3.75 per month for a Website Builder.

Websites made easy!
The Website Builder is one of the quickest and simplest ways to set up a website.
You do not need to be a web designer or a programmer to create a stunning website. Just choose a Website Builder template that you like and customise it using the simple toolbar. Create a stunning website in minutes!

Choose from over 190 customisable templates.
If your website is for a small business, your own personal site or relating to your favourite hobby or pastime, you will find a fully customisable Website Builder template for you. Choose any design from the "Create" page and then customise it just for you.

Drag & Drop
It is so simple to add practically any form of content such as text, images, tables, galleries or forms. 
Just drag & drop photos and other items almost anywhere.

SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) made easy!
Improve your website ranking in Google and other search engines like a professional.
In order to score highly in Google searches your website must include informative and useful titles and descriptions for your website pages. Website Builder simply guides you through this process of generating page titles, descriptions, and keywords to ensure high ranking in search engines.

Integrates with Google Analytics
Fully integrates with your Google Analytics account so you can track your website visitors.
See what is popular on your site and what content people want to see more of.

Creating your own website has never been this easy!

You can see videos and examples by following the link to the Website Builder Tutorials.

You can also try an online demo by visiting the following link to the Website Builder Demo.

Website Builder is found under the SOFTWARE section of cPanel.

 Website Builder

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