How to transfer your .CO.UK domain registration to Pay Monthly Hosting

When you transfer a domain to us, you are required to pay for an additional period of registration which is then added to the expiry date of the currentĀ registration. Other than that the transfer isĀ FREE.

However, there are registry restrictions regarding the eligibility for this period to be added.

For information on transfer restrictions, please see the following article:

Restrictions on Transfers of Domain Names

To transfer any .UK domain name to us is a simple two step process:

  1. Contact your current registrar and request that they change the IPS TAG on your domain to NETEARTHONE
  2. Submit an order to transfer your domain registration to us using the following link: Transfer a Domain Name

Once the transfer is completed and the domain name is registered in our system, you will need to amend the registered NameServers in your Client Area to point to our NameServers:

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